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Health.png Health is a resource in Civilization: Beyond Earth.


The Health system in Civ:BE was designed to replace the original Happiness system in previous games. It operates chiefly as the old system did; Health limits the size, number, and rate of growth of settlements. This limitation can be matched somewhat with new buildings which provide extra Health, but unlike earlier titles, luxury resources seem to have no effect within the new system. Low Health has negative repercussions just like low Happiness in earlier games, though they are less extreme. Additionally, high maintained Health has benefits just like high maintained Happiness.

Benefits and RepercussionsEdit

Utopian +20 Health +10%   Science, +10%   Culture +10%   Production in cities, -50% Intrigue for hostile covert ops
Prosperous +10 Health +10%   Production in cities, -50% Intrigue for hostile covert ops
Stable +0 Health +20% Outpost growth
Shaky -1 Health -10%   Science, -10%   Culture
Troubled -10 Health -10%   Production, +100% Intrigue for hostile covert ops
Panicked -20 Health -50% Outpost growth speed, -50% City growth