Kavithan Protectorate

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Kavithan Protectorate
KP.png Leader Kavitha.png
India, Pakistan, South Asia
Kavitha Thakur
AI Affinity

The Kavithan Protectorate is a civilization in the world of Beyond Earth.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Kavithan Protectorate is a unity faction representing South Asian countries, including India and Pakistan, and their vested interests. Because India and Pakistan are today the world's 2nd largest and 6th largest countries in terms of world population respectively, they comprise a very large part of humanity in sheer numbers, and as such have a large representation in the world of Beyond Earth. In fact, if based on current world populations, the countries covered by the Kavithan Protectorate would represent the largest population among the eight factions of Beyond Earth. It can be assumed that the Protectorate includes the other countries that comprise the modern South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC), mirroring the others powers within Beyond Earth. The game assumes that the two giant nations of the sub-continent, India and Pakistan, both nuclear-capable powers today, have established a friendly relationship in the future. The leadership of the Protectorate, manned by Kavitha Thakur, originates in an old title Thakur (ٹھاکر، ঠাকুর) found in Bangladesh, Pakistan, and both Northern and Southern India; and is therefore representative of the South Asian region under her stewardship in Beyond Earth. Kavitha's dialogue in Beyond Earth is typical of the predominant languages of South Asia, such the Hindu greeting "Namaste", and the dialogue "Jeetay Raho" which is common usage for elders with respect to subordinates in both Urdu and Hindi. She also relies on the Urdu axiom "One and One make Eleven" (ایک اور ایک ہوتا گیارہ ہے) when under the "Deal" or "Demand" dialogue menus in Beyond Earth, implying the synergistic elements of cooperation, equivalent to the English expression "the sum of the whole is greater than the parts". The Protectorate focuses on the Harmony affinity, mirroring the centuries old tradition of religious syncretism in South Asia.

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