Liberation Army

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Liberation Army
Virtue Liberation Army.png
After conquering an enemy Outpost, automatically found an outpost of your own in its place.
Military-Industrial Complex
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Special Service

Liberation Army is a Might virtue in Civilization: Beyond Earth.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Liberation Army is a perfect virtue for expansionist civilization players; because the destruction of an enemy outpost is immediately met with a new player-owned outpost, rapid expansion into enemy land becomes not only possible, but probable. Establishing pock-mark strongholds in enemy land can make even a weak campaign several times more effective; likewise, the knowledge that a base can be stolen and turned against a player can be an extremely effective bargaining tool and deterrent, as many players will avoid establishing strongholds which can then be used for their own destruction.

Might Virtues

Tier One
Survivalism  •  Adaptive Tactics  •  Liberation Army  •  Military Industrial Complex  •  Scavenging

Tier Two
Public Security