Markov Eclipse

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Markov Eclipse
Wonder Markov Eclipse.png
Combat Unit experience +50%
1050 Production.png
+4 Science.png Science
+1 Culture.png Culture
Tech Required
Artificial Intelligence

The Markov Eclipse is a wonder in the world of Beyond Earth.

Summary[edit | edit source]

In the simplest of descriptions, the Markov Eclipse is essentially a system of high-end A.I. superimposed by a human mind. The A.I. would calculate probability to maximize tactical efficiency in combat situations while the human mind, trained over nearly a decade to work with the A.I., would disseminate and choose the ideal solution from data provided. The increased veterancy would be a result of combat units able to perform much better than their opponents thanks to tactical advice and forecast provided by the elite cadre of Markov Eclipse. Such were their power that all ranks (even generals and commanders) would defer to their judgement with the exception of the state's discretion.

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