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Terrain Miasma.png

The Miasma is a terrain feature in the world of Beyond Earth.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Miasma is a terrain feature that can co-exist with any other feature and on any type of terrain except snow and ocean. This is an “infestation” of the tile with virulent spores that are actively hazardous to humans and their machines until it is removed or certain technology is adopted.

Miasma is most likely to occur in forest and marsh, somewhat likely in grasslands, and fairly rare in plains, desert, and tundra. Miasma never occurs on coastal tiles or within one hex of a water tile. Miasma never occurs on mountains, but can occur, rarely, on canyons.

Effects of Miasma: Any unit that ends its move on a tile with miasma suffers combat damage.

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