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Improvement Mine.png
Tile Improvement
Built On
Basic Resources
Strategic Resources
+2 Production.png Production
+1 Energy.png Energy with Copper small.png
+1 Science.png Science with Copper small.png and Network
+1 Culture.png Culture with Gold small.png
+1 Science.png Science with Silica small.png
+1 Health.png Health with Silica small.png and Optical Surgery
+3 Production.png Production with Titanium icon.png
+2 Production.png Production with Titanium icon.png with Alloy Foundry
+1 Energy.png Energy with Biometallurgy

The Mine is a Tile Improvement in the world of Beyond Earth.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Mine is a type of tile improvement built on the Silica small.png Silica, Copper small.png Copper and Gold small.png Gold resources and Titanium icon.png Titanium strategic resource. Also, it can be built similarly on hills to the Mine in previous titles, (presumably) providing +1 Production.png Production. The improvement to tile yield to Gold, Silica, Copper and Titanium however, is unknown. With the mine, Gold and Copper provides +1 Energy.png Energy and Silica provides +2 Science.png Science.

References[edit | edit source]