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Terrain Rivers.png

The Rivers are a terrain feature in the world of Beyond Earth.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Traditionally, cities have been built along rivers, and for good reason.

Rivers provide irrigation, improving the farmland around the city, and they serve to protect a city, as it is difficult to mount an assault against a city across a river.

  • Location: Unlike other features, rivers run along the sides of the tiles rather than through them, so rivers provide their benefits to all tiles/Units adjacent to them.
  • City Yield Modifier: Rivers give an Energy to adjacent tiles.
  • Offensive Penalty: When attacking across a river, the attacking Unit gets a penalty to its combat strength.
  • Movement Effect: A Unit uses up all of its remaining movement points when crossing a river . There is, however, no additional cost for crossing a river if a road or monorail passes over the river

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