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Trade routes connect Cities, Outposts, or Stations between Civilizations and provide bonuses to any of the following: Food.png Food, Energy.png Energy, Production.png Production, Culture.png Culture, or Science.png Science which benefit both sides. All civilizations can create trade routes, but Polystralia receives two additional trade routes in its capital city.

Creating a trade route[edit | edit source]

Starting from any location, a list of other reachable locations can be found in the user interface. To establish a trade route from one location to another, the route between them must be completely explored and free of miasma. Trade Convoys are used to create trades routes over land, and Trade Vessels are used to create naval trade routes.

Once established, trade routes must be protected from attach.

Improving trade routes[edit | edit source]

  • An Autoplant provides a +1 Energy.png Energy bonus from each international trade route and an possible additional trade route.
  • A Feedsite Hub provides a +1 Science.png Science bonus from each international trade route.
  • A Recycler provides a +1 Production.png Production bonus from each internal trade route.