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Unit Evolved SABR.png
A walking machine of death, the Sabre (also called the SABR) is a massively powerful assault unit.
3 Firaxite icon.png Firaxite
Tech Required
Synthetic Thought

The SABR is a unit in Civilization: Beyond Earth.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The SABR is a Supremacy artillery unit. It is the longest-ranged unit in the game, but also the slowest. Described in the Civilopedia as "a weapon which always strikes weak points", it pays for its impressive ranged strength with a mobility of just one tile per turn, making it slow to maneuver into position. Along with this, it has a low defense strength, making it disastrous to be caught out of position by enemy forces. As with other units in the game, it becomes stronger when upgraded. It can upgrade into the Prime (Supremacy alone), True (Supremacy and Purity) or Evolved (Supremacy and Harmony) SABR. The SABR is best used for siege operations, as it can't be attacked by cities while firing at maximum range, and will only take a few turns to bring down all but the toughest defenses.